DECLARE is a Venice-based independent brand best known for its full-grain leather handbags and solid silver jewelry.

Founded in 2014 DECLARE was born out of a desire to create timeless accessories for everyday women and man lives.
The brand aesthetic blends tradition and innovation: the use of incomparable Italian craftsmens know-how melt with a powerful design with attention to detail, clean lines and functionality.

The creative duo, Omar Pavanello and Anna Tonti, engage a slow-fashion approach detaching from fast trends and fast fashions and proposing an eternal design.
Working between Tuscany and Venice the two have been choosing Italy since day one. Holding a very close and long-standing relationship with all the suppliers, they take care of product development in every stage: from design to quality control.

DECLARE expressly doesn’t talk about collections.
Each object is produced in a limited number of pieces and tells its own story.

DECLARE uses design as a mean to communicate and connect with people.
DECLARE is for those who crave concreteness and no-deadline quality;
for those who consider inclusiveness and transparency essential values
​to be part of everyday products; for those who recognize the meaning of local production.

DECLARE has the only flagship store in Venice, Italy.