Privacy Policy

We recommend that you read our Privacy Policy, which also applies in the event that users access the Website and use the relevant services without making purchases. The Privacy Policy will help you understand how and for what purposes DECLARE collects and uses your personal data.

We use cookies to improve your experience with our Website. Cookies are small files that websites send to the user’s device, and are used for online browsing. Cookies allow us to gather information on how people use our site.

Are they mandatory? No. You can restrict, disable or re-enable cookies at any time via the internet browser of your computer.
Imposing such a restriction will prevent the total or partial sending of cookies, and this will preclude certain features of the Website and/or prevent access to some of its parts.

It is thanks to cookies that, day after day, we are managing to improve the navigation performance of the Website, with the purpose of: (I) Using essential functions such as the ability to store selected items in a shopping cart.
This allows the customer to continue browsing other areas of the Website, closing and then restoring all the data related to a previous search or purchase without the need to start from scratch. If you choose to limit the use of cookies, you will still be allowed to navigate the site, but will be deprived of the opportunity to make purchases.
(II) Allowing us to collect information about the ways in which clients are using the Website. This enables us to: remember the specific settings of a user such as his language, country, etc.; collect statistical data regarding, for example, the most popular product models or user preferences, in order to provide a customized browsing experience which proposes items similar to hose visited;
improve the navigability and usability of the Website by reporting errors encountered during navigation, and ensure an increasingly powerful and secure system from the standpoint of information technology.

How can you enable or disable cookies? Every web browser allows you to restrict, block and/or delete cookies. For more information, please refer to the web pages of the individual browser.

The results of cookies could be discussed or shared with our partners. This is done with the sole purpose of improving our product types and enhancing the functions of our Website. By means of cookies, the customer will always be informed about products and innovations which are of interest to him, because the selection and research options offered will be built on solid evidence. Cookies may contain connections to social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter etc.