Bringing the sensuality and mastery of the DECLARE offer into each store seals an exquisite affair between industrial design and splashy luxury. 

At the core of the DECLARE appeal lies a long standing relationship with architecture; an understanding for structure and volume uniquely accompanied by a homespun work ethos meticulously applied to every aspect of creativity. 

Building the space up in a harmonious fusion of eclectic and stylistic diversity it felt only fitting to reference music as the driver behind this visually distinctive hub of style. 

The space is projected on a foundation of a modular arrangement, where the melodies of juxtaposing elements such as chrome bars and black mirrored finishings play against a sleek concrete back beat. Sultry leather notes pull you in leading the passage to a black glossy and reflective ceiling crescendo.

Teaming this monochrome reflective environment with floor to ceiling fully shoppable windows creates a bold yet elegant statement for a space where fashion meets interiors in the most sophisticated of manners. 

This is the heart of the DECLARE beat.

San Polo

Calle Seconda dei Saoneri 2671 B/C San Polo 30125 VENICE - ITALY PHONE +39 041 8223227

San Marco Pop-Up (now closed)